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Here you will find info about the quality of products we offer, the ordering process and some of the options available.

We are proud to offer a beautiful gallery of fine art photography for your home, office or to give an art lover in your life something special. All of our products are created with lifetime archival quality and come with a 100% satisfaction commitment. You will absolutely LOVE your photographic art from The IMAGE MILL!

GALLERY WRAPS are a cost effective way to fill bare spots on the empty walls of a home or office. Beautiful in color and finish, available in a multitude of sizes and arriving ready to hang are some of the reasons gallery wraps are always a popular choice. One creative idea we get asked for often is to use multiple gallery wraps to fill a larger space, set a 'mood' for a room or just to enjoy different landscapes all at one time.

We also offer the 'Split Canvas' option of using one image and dividing it into three sections. Also known as a triptych. Not all images lend themselves to being split, as sometimes the split can divide a main element too much or the subject in a way that is not desired. We can however make most of our images work as a split design.

We do not wrap the image over the edges for a 'split canvas' order, but rather use a solid color (black or a dark shade is usually best) for the sides of each piece. When ordering a 'split canvas' you will receive a sample image of what the final piece will look like.
**The split canvas is a special order product at this time, so contact us directly for more information and pricing on this creative decorating solution!

Our Gallery Wraps are some of the best quality available and here is why!

- Every image is hand placed during production to create the best look possible for the 'image wrap', which is where the photograph wraps over the edges of the finished piece.
- Every gallery wrap is printed on a satin fine-textured archival canvas using archival inks, then hand-sprayed with a UV coating to protect the finish and professionally wrapped around a solid wood surface base. The base is hollow and lightweight, but with firm sides. Our gallery wraps do not bounce or flop on the front side, like many that you may see, because they have a solid surface underneath the printed canvas front. This means your gallery wrap will not flop, warp, droop or sag over time.
- Each gallery wrap includes the hanging hardware already installed and each one is hand signed. We'll even send you the wall hanger(s) to make getting your new artwork up on the wall a snap!

Caring for your gallery wrap is simple. Keep them in a climate controlled indoor environment, not in direct sunlight, and only dust as needed with a soft, non-micro fiber cloth. Never use any cleaning solutions or liquids on the surface 
and always handle with clean, lotion-free hands.

METAL PRINTS are a contemporary and modern way to decorate and dress up any room or space. Metal prints are vibrant works of art with ultra-high definition colors and a unique glossy, luminescent finish. If you are looking for a truly upscale statement for your walls, this is it! These creations are not an inexpensive investment, but with one of your favorite scenes will deliver beauty and inspiration for many years to come.

Our metal prints are bright and beautiful, with sharp, crisp contours and smooth color transitions. These products are approximately 1mm thin, firm and sturdy. Metal Prints are unique in that they are printed on raw white-based aluminum. Occasionally tiny bumps and imperfections can appear in the final product and are considered normal. Each piece is hand-inspected to ensure that any inconsistencies in the aluminum are outside of the focal point and minimal.

"Floating Metals" offer wall mounting via wooden cleats. They appear to float off the wall, giving a modern and dimensional look, and they are easy to install. Level and mark the wall mounted cleat via two screws, then simply sit the metal print down onto the wall mounted piece. Gravity holds it in place. If there is ever a concern of it accidentally getting bumped, an "install tip" is to add a couple of small strips of double sided tape to the wall mounted cleat. Unless a linebacker hits it this should secure your piece solidly. If you never plan to move it, a couple small drops of super glue works even better.  

For a gallery level finish and the larger metal prints, we suggest the framed back with cleat hanging option. Your beautiful metal print is perfectly mounted with an inset high quality PVC board/frame and sits onto a wall mounted cleat. This option makes your piece very rigid, durable and will not warp. Pictures and pricing for this option to be added to website asap. 

Metal Prints are available with no mounting as well. If you plan to frame your metal prints, or want to display them by some other method, you would choose 'no mounting'. We can also frame your metal prints with a custom, solid wood frame and take these already beautiful works of art to an even higher level of quality and beauty!
Call for information and pricing or come see us at one of our outdoor events and see a few for yourself!

Caring for your Metal Prints is a breeze. Keep indoors and out of direct sunlight, front surface is UV coated for protection, but handle with care, avoid putting anything on the print surface and always handle with clean, lotion-free hands. Dust as needed with a soft, non-micro fiber cloth.

Custom Paper Prints showcase your favorite images printed with archival inks and on archival papers. There are several options for paper, including our standard finish Luster, a smooth, rich and mostly non-shiny surface. Luster is always the perfect choice. Also available is Glossy, a shiny and reflective surface and Metallic, a pearlescent modern type finish with vibrant colors that pop.
Fine Art papers, such as Photo Rag and Bamboo, are available as well. Contact us for more information.

Hand Signed Matted Prints are a popular choice of our Art Show clients each year. These luster prints are matted in a gallery black archival mat, with white core, and come with a backing surface. They are a standard size of 11x14 and hand signed by the photographer.  **When ordering online you can choose a white mat if desired.

The IMAGE MILL prides itself on attention to detail and quality, from the capture stage to the finishing stage. You can be confident that all of the prints and products you purchase from us will be top quality and last a lifetime. All prints and products are professionally printed at the Pro Color Labs we have counted on and used for more than a decade. They know how demanding we are and deliver what we and our clients expect each and every time, nothing but the best!
**For all products, depending on the size(s) you choose, some cropping of the gallery images should be expected with your final product.

Looking for something a little more Fine Art? Introducing my latest creation, 'DigiScapes'! What is a DigiScape? I'm glad you asked!! First, I capture a multi-image panoramic photograph and process it with the focus on converting the image to a painting. Second, I use advanced photographic software to scan and digitally convert my photographs into a fine art painting. I will then spend one to two hours hand working the painting with added brush strokes, retouching, color blending and then balancing the overall feel of the final piece.

DigiScapes are currently available by contacting us directly, although I plan to add an online gallery of these beautiful creations in the near future. Most any of our images can be converted to a painting, including the non-panoramic photographs, and you will receive a large digital sample via email to approve before the final order is placed. This allows you to see up close the detail of the brush strokes, overall texture and to get a feel for how the piece will truly look. Just pick out your favorite from the gallery and Greg will create a wonderful piece of art for you to enjoy. DigiScapes are printed on our hi-quality canvas gallery wraps, which deliver an even more authentic fine art look to this great product.

Sit back and enjoy our Online Image Gallery. We hope you find images that inspire and move you. If you are a fan of Black & White photography make sure to use the 'filter option' within the gallery to convert any image to B&W. Orders can be placed directly and safely from this SECURE website. Most images will require a little cropping depending on the size you choose. You can be confident that your order will arrive to exceed your expectations! Thank you for taking time to view this website and the photography of Greg Mills. Make sure to follow us on our social platforms and let us know what inspires you!!

All images are currently Open Editions and all copyrights are exclusive property of Greg Mills and The IMAGE MILL. All rights reserved. Licensing is available. Please contact the studio for more information.

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